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Vegas - 2015 - Issue 5 - September - Fall Fashion - Kate King

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photography by Melissa Valladares InsIde edItIon inside his platinum entourage, Todd WhiTe is hosting a Warholian mix of models, drag queens, hair and makeup virtuosos, and Wide-eyed Witnesses at his fabulous art parties. by Jessica Hawkins Its well-earned reputation for daring beauty and gravity-defying bodies notwithstanding— our on- and offstage divas have a job to do, after all—Las Vegas has never been a bastion of experimental hair and makeup work. Todd White is changing that. The owner of Platinum Entourage and a sought-after hairstylist and colorist, White also works on the cutting edge of hair and makeup design in felds like avant-garde drag and special-effects editorial photography (as the secret weapon of many local socialites, he's also a master of polish and sophistication). And now he's the man behind Inside the Entourage, a series of late-night master classes, cocktail parties for in-the-know stylists, and "show and tell" soirées, where artists bring their muses done up from head to toe. "It's a selfsh endeavor—I've had an obsession with Warhol since I was a kid," White says. "So it's always been my dream to throw wicked art parties." White opened Platinum Entourage, Las Vegas's frst blow-out bar, in 2010 with his husband, Craig West. It became so popular that in 2013, he stretched out into an 8,000-square-foot salon, lounge, and pro- duction studio that was just screaming to become a regular party venue. So he launched Inside the Entourage to give Vegas stylists a place to congre- gate after working solo as editorial freelancers or behind the scenes at shows all over town. "There had never been collaboration among art- ists here, not like in New York, where I grew up," he says. "My favorite workshop moments are when established artists come out wanting to share tech- niques and learn more." The attendees from White's A-list database lend the events an Andy Warhol/Factory feeling. During one recent invitation-only gathering, performer Justin "Disco Dollie" Parker arrived in blinged- out masculine avant-garde drag with a dramatic feminine glamour face, while others showed up in various levels of androgynous style—from "bearded muscle men in drag" on up—just to be seen by him. Mixed in with these drag experimenters were socialites, businesspeople, local entertainers, and eccentric voyeurs who wanted to take in the spec- tacular costuming, hair, and special-effects makeup. This month brings the first "show and tell" party, which will feature an over-the-top theme and last- minute invitations via Instagram. The workshop/ party combos have been taking place all summer, with names like "A Beautiful Mess" (hair with a "slept-in look"). "I really wanted to bring advanced education workshops to Las Vegas without people having to sign up for 'school,'" White says. "Afterward, I have a DJ and cocktails, and everyone sticks around to talk shop." 6670 S. Tenaya Way, 702-410-5459; V "i've had an obsession with warhol since i was a kid, so it's always been my dream to throw wicked art parties." —todd white 66 PEOPLE Desert Patrol

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