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Vegas - 2015 - Issue 5 - September - Fall Fashion - Kate King

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From his Caesars Palace store, Colosseum Cigars, Michael Frey is preparing for the coming cigar boom, which he predicts will be particularly big in Vegas. continued on page 64 In a world that never seems to stop imposing restrictions on cigar lovers, Las Vegas is a breath of fresh air—or, in this case, rich, intoxicating air. Sure, Cohibas, Macanudos, and the like are verboten in restaurants and even some sports books, but most casinos maintain a light-up-and-let-live policy. And it's no wonder: For many a gambler, the blackjack table just isn't the same without a red-tipped stogie to accompany the hits and splits. And making sure that lovers of fne cigars have plenty of product to choose from is Michael Frey. With Rhumbar in the Mirage (sipping spirits and puffng on a cigar on its Strip-side patio is a quintessential Vegas experience), Casa Fuente in the Forum Shops (the mecca for serious cigar lovers), and the off-Strip retailer Cigar Box, as well as stores in Caesars Palace and New York – New York, Frey has you covered. Lighting Up the Town With the embargo on Cuban Cigars expeCted to ease, Vegas's Cigar king, Michael Frey, sees a rosy future for ameriCa's most Cigar- friendly City. by michael kaplan photography by melissa Valladares  63 PeoPle Power Strip

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