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Vegas - 2015 - Issue 5 - September - Fall Fashion - Kate King

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HitHa Herzog moderator JoHn Curtas writer r ay rogers writer rené & r adk a photographers Love him, hate him, or fear him, there's no denying that John Curtas, who wrote our Taste opener on Carson Kitchen, has raised some hackles, and the consciousness of Las Vegas restaurant- goers, over the past 20 years. His culinary exploits have included 15 years at Nevada Public Radio, stints as a critic at numerous magazines, the blog, and his book, Eating Las Vegas—The 50 Essential Restaurants. He has also appeared as a judge on Iron Chef America and Top Chef Masters and can be seen weekly as the restaurant correspondent on KSNV Channel 3's Wake Up with the Wagners. What does the Las Vegas restaurant scene need more or less of? "Vegas needs fewer absentee-celebrity-chef food factories. What it needs more of—and is fnally getting—are locally owned, chef-driven restaurants, both in the hotels and in the neighborhoods." What's your go-to place to eat? "My favorite haunt isn't one restaurant, but rather a single street: Spring Mountain Road, aka Chinatown, where an education in Asian eating awaits at over 100 criminally cheap restaurants." Ray Rogers is a New York – based writer and editor whose work has appeared in publications such as Details, InStyle, BlackBook, and Ocean Drive. He splits his time between Manhattan and East Hampton on Long Island, where he and his boyfriend document the cuddly, fab, and furry lives of their cats and rabbits on Instagram at @catnipandcarrots. Follow them for a daily dose of cuteness. How was your interview with Kate King? "True to the tattoo on her wrist [which reads " be kind"], Kate couldn't have been kinder. Even though she'd fown in from London the night before and must have been jet-lagged, she was pleasant, present, and very thoughtful in all of her responses. And she looked incredibly chic—a real natural beauty inside and out." You're based in the Hamptons; do you get to Vegas much? "I love Vegas! Every day is a pool party there, and every night there's incred- ible entertainment. I also write and edit a lot for Billboard, and getting hometown heroes Brandon Flowers and Wayne Newton together to talk Vegas was one of the high- lights of my work year so far." Our fashion feature photographers, René Hallen and Radka Leitmeritz, work in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles. Their fashion photography has appeared in publications such as T: The New York Times Style Magazine, W, Vanity Fair, and The Wall Street Journal. What and who is on your photography bucket list? "We really enjoy working with celebrities and would love to collaborate on a movie poster. If we had to pick a person to shoot, it would have to be David Bowie." Words of advice for an aspiring photographer? "Give yourself enough time to create your own style. Despite what many think, you want to be recognized by your work, not by your references." What is your camera of choice? "For both our professional and personal projects, we use the Leica S-System. We can't imagine working with any other!" Hitha Herzog is a retail analyst and an on-air contributor for Fox Business Network, an author, and an associate professor at Parsons School of Design. For this issue, she moderates our roundtable discussion with luxury brand executives for the feature "Luxe 2.0." What surprised you about the discussion? "In the past, executives would use the same model to market to their luxury customers. With social media, the 'demographics within demo- graphics' differ from brand to brand. If you can't implement a targeted plan based on metrics you get from social media, then your company is going to have problems." Tell us about teaching social commerce. "I know I'm supposed to be supplying the knowledge, but I learn just as much from the students as they learn from me. I have to continue to update the syllabus ever y semester because, as we've seen, social media trends change within months. Teaching really keeps me on my toes." What initially attracted you to reporting on the luxury market? "The historical aspect of it. Most of these companies are hundreds of years old and tied to families with rich histories. Covering these companies is a study in art his- tory, socioeconomic theory, philosophy, and market analysis." 38 ...witHout wHom this issue would not have been possible // september 2015

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